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Setting up an Award

What happens after a sponsor notifies the PI that a grant will be awarded?  After reviews of the proposal are complete, both the faculty member and the university are notified of the outcome. In the case of favorable review, the proposal may be funded with or without changes. If changes are required, then they must be addressed and submitted by the University to the sponsor.

Next the proposal documents (from the PINS) are sent to the Office of Research and Innovation for a compliance check (SPARCS).  This is one reason why it is incredibly important that your PINS documents are up to date.  After the official notification of an award is received by SPARCS, contract negotiation proceeds. Once the contract is negotiated, the information is directed to the Office of Contracts and Grants to establish an account for the grant (Ledger 5-Account). Notification is then sent to the CNR Research Office.

It is very important that the PIs carefully review and comply with all the terms and conditions specified in the award documentation.

If there is an immediate need to appoint a grad student or begin the research, then a “pre-award” is a viable option (see:

If there are other PIs listed who are outside your department/unit, you will need to ensure they receive a copy of the award notice that you receive.