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Compilation of Current and Pending Support

The purpose of this communication is to provide guidance to CNR faculty about the shared responsibilities and internal workflow for compilation of Current and Pending Support (C&P) documents.

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NSF guidance on Current and Pending Support (Feb. 24, 2021)

NCSU requires that all researchers comply with external sponsor requirements for disclosing active and pending sources of support.  It is the faculty member’s responsibility to ensure the accuracy and completeness of C&P documents, in accordance with the application guidelines or the sponsor’s instructions. 

In most cases, sponsors award grants to NCSU, not to individual faculty members.  Submission of a proposal requires NCSU to assume legal and financial responsibility for the content of the submitted proposal, any awarded funds and the performance of the grant-supported activity.  For this reason, the College Research Office (CRO), through its delegated authority designation, is responsible for providing the faculty member’s representation of C&P to the sponsor.

These shared responsibilities necessitate frequent and timely communications between the CRO and faculty member.

Workflow for document compilation

Upon notification of a faculty member’s intent to submit a proposal via the PINS data collection form, the CRO will assess the sponsor requirements for C&P documents.  This will initiate the following workflow.

1. College Research Office Responsibilities

  • Extract data on active and pending sponsored projects from RADAR database
  • Provide this DRAFT information in either an excel file or SciENcv pdf to the faculty member

2. PI Responsibilities

  • Update information as much as possible, e.g., mark unfunded proposals or expired awards, unless specifically requested by sponsor, such as DoD
  • Add any sources of funding and other resources that may not indicated in RADAR 
  • Include the proposal being submitted as a pending proposal
  • Address potential overlap or over-commitments, a primary concern of Federal agencies
  • Return approved C&P file or requested revisions to Research Office

3. College Research Office Responsibilities

  • Review data received from faculty member for reasonableness and compliance with sponsor requirements
  • Input supporting information into SciENcv database
  • Generate C&P documents 
  • Provide final copy to faculty member for review and approval