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Congratulations!  Your proposal has been reviewed and approved for funding.  What are the next steps?  First, immediately contact both CNR pre-award and CNR post-award and your Department Head.  The CNR teams will help you proceed to the next steps (see the ‘Setting Up an Award’ tab); anticipate a short meeting to discuss the project and any immediate needs.  Your Department Head will want to learn of your success, potentially broadcast the news to various outlets, and will want to be aware of any cost-sharing or release time that has been obligated.  

After the award has been set up and given an index, each PI is responsible for hiring students and personnel and monitoring spending.  The HR lead in each department can provide guidance on hiring.  Due to state and federal regulations, hiring can take more than 6 weeks, particularly for post-docs or staff; plan accordingly.  

The CNR research office will assist you in monitoring grant spending.  We recommend that you schedule a quarterly meeting with us to discuss your projects, your spending to date, and any challenges you have encountered.  Quarterly meetings are highly recommended regardless of your experience:  regulations change, support personnel change, your needs will change as you take on more or fewer grants.  

PIs are responsible for fulfilling reporting requirements.  These requirements vary widely by agency or sponsor.  The consequences for failing to report on time, as expected, can be severe, both for the PI and the university.  If you need help with your reports, let us know.

As you near the end of your grant, it is particularly important to know your budget status (see the ‘Closing Out a Project’ tab).  You will want to ensure that you do not overspend or underspend on your grant (or keep it to a reasonable minimum).