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Solid Wood, OSB & Plywood

Our mechanical testing room, located in Hodges Lab, is equipped with the MTS Alliance RF/300-kN and MTS Insight 30 kN testing set-ups.

The larger capacity MTS (300 kN) has capability to accommodate sample holder sizes up to the size of a rail-road tie or even a CLT panel. Standards and test methods accommodated include:

  • ASTM D143
    • 8. Static Bending
    • 9. Compression Parallel to Grain
    • 10. Impact Bending
    • 18. Nail Withdrawal
    • 19. Specific Gravity and Shrinkage in Volume
    • 20. Radial and Tangential Shrinkage
    • 21. Moisture Determination
  • ASTM D3043
    • Method A–Center-Point Flexure Test
    • Method B–Two-Point Flexure Test
    • Method C–Pure Moment Test
    • Method D–Flexure Test for Quality Assurance
  • Other standards that may be applicable
    • ASTM D1037 Standard Test Methods for Evaluating Properties of Wood-Base Fiber and Particle Panel Materials