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Daniel Saloni - Leadership - College of Natural Resources at NC State University

Dr. Daniel Saloni
Lab Manager & Associate Professor
Ph.D., Wood Science, NCSU, 2007
M.S., Industrial Manufacturing System Engineering, NCSU, 2003
M.S., Project Management, Andres Bello Catholic University, 1998
B.S., Industrial Engineering, Andres Bello Catholic University, 1995
Work Experience
Lab Manager & Research Assistant, NCSU- WMTRP
Assistant Professor, Andres Bello Catholic University- Dept. of Industrial Engineering
Junior Consultant, Andres Bello Catholic University- UCAB Consulting
Dr. Daniel Saloni is an associate professor in the Department of Forest Biomaterials. He has published various papers and participated in several conferences on process improvement, supply chain, biomass and bioenergy conversion and additive manufacturing, which are his major research areas. Dr. Saloni is currently an affiliated faculty at the Center for Additive Manufacturing and Logistics (CAMAL).

Lyndsey Campbell Headshot - College of Natural Resources at North Carolina State University

Lyndsey Campbell
Business Director & Building Liason
B.S., Sustainable Materials & Technology, NCSU, 2016
Work Experience
Undergraduate Lab Technician, NC State University- Pulp & Paper Technical Services
Undergraduate Researcher, NC State University- Sustainable Materials & Technology
BioAnalytics Lab Associate, Biomason
Account Representative, Horizon Forest Products – Cabinet Division
Lyndsey is the business director for the Hodges Wood Products Lab Technical Service Center. Her work focuses on testing industry-relevant products, coordinating interlaboratory studies, association membership, and group work in developing standards.

Perry Peralta Headshot - College of Natural Resources at NC State University

Dr. Perry Peralta
Associate Professor
Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Dr. Perry Peralta teaches Wood Physical Properties, Wood Mechanics, and Statistical Process Control to Sustainable Materials & Technology undergraduate. His current research projects include the evaluation of the physical and mechanical properties of loblolly pine deficient in cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase, the study of the viscoelastic properties of transgenic aspen, the development of novel forest biomaterials through the application of nonwoven technologies, and the analysis of heat and mass transfer in wood, wood composites, and building envelopes. Dr. Peralta is a member of the Phi Kappa Phi, Xi Sigma Pi, and Gamma Sigma Delta honor societies, and is an active member of the Forest Products Society and the Society of Wood Science and Technology. He is the recipient of the 2003 NC State University Outstanding Teacher Award.

Frederick Laleicke Headshot - College of Natural Resources at North Carolina State University

Dr. Frederik Laleicke
Wood Products Extension Specialist & Assistant Professor
Ph.D., Wood Science, Oregon State University
M.S., Wood Science, Hamburg University
B.S., Wood Science, Hamburg University
Dr. Frederik Laleicke is a Wood Products Extension Specialist and Assistant Professor at NC State University‚Äôs Department of Forest Biomaterials, currently working in the areas of urban wood utilization and drying, residential CLT, artificial aging of wood surfaces for decorative purposes, and wood waste recycling & reuse. More information:

Rico Ruffino Headshot - College of Natural Resources at North Carolina State University

Rico Ruffino
Assistant Professor of the Practice & Undergraduate SMT Coordinator
CERT., Educational Leadership, Buffalo State College, 2011
M.S., Industrial Technology, Buffalo State College, 2006
CERT., Art Education, Daemen College, 2003
B.F.A., Industrial Design, Rochester Institute of Technology, 2000
A.S.T., Interior Design, Art Institute of Pittsburgh, 1997
Assistant Professor Ruffino has industrial and product design expertise in design thinking, development, and prototyping with a sustainability concentration.

Rico Ruffino is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Forest Biomaterials. Currently, he serves as an instructor for Principles of Sustainable Product Development, Product Visualization, and Sustainable Product Development Capstone.

Assistant Professor Ruffino has produced a Sustainable Design and Testing Service Center that aids companies in creating and testing new sustainable product development. He is currently developing a sustainable materials technology design lab within Hodges Wood Products Facility. It will enable students to design and fabricate more environmentally and human-centered products. Some of the critical areas are to utilize technology that will streamline the ideation process to minimize the overuse of resources.

Professor Ruffino is a member of the Industrial Design Society of America and the Sustainable Furniture Council. He is actively involved in various working groups exploring sustainability within the furnishings industry.