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Sustainable and Alternative Fibers Initiative (SAFI)

The Tissue Pack Innovation Lab is evaluating the performance of hygiene tissue products made of non-wood fibers, in collaboration with Sustainable and Alternative Fibers Initiative (SAFI) Consortium. In a sustainable and economic vision, this initiative aims to evaluate the potential of alternative fibers from agricultural residues as a supply for the tissue industry.

Invention Disclosures

In just three years the Tissue Pack Innovation Lab has filed 10 invention disclosures and five patents. Our approach is data-driven and business-oriented. This is a sample of our R&D pipeline:

Comprehensive Benchmarking

We have performed cross-sectional analyses for the hygiene tissue industry in North America. In our comprehensive benchmarking, we have analyzed 95% of the market, the analysis includes complete product performance (lab testing), pricing, correlation of product performance and pricing, the value of sustainability on the shelf and evolution of private labels.