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Tissue Pack Innovation Lab

Your research partner and source for industry training.

The Tissue Pack Innovation Lab (TPIL) is your research partner and source for industry training. We were created to support the growing tissue and personal care industry. We are located in the College of Natural Resources, Department of Forest Biomaterials at NC State University.

Available Resources

Our resources include Industrial research and companies can leverage with NC State expertise and facilities to perform world-class research in tissue and towel.

With our Service Area companies can rely on NC State to perform private (confidential) tests for their operations and avoid spending valuable dollars on expensive facilities and training technicians. We will help you focus on improving your manufacturing process while providing key data and information needed to stay competitive in the market.

Our Educational area provides professionals in the industry with support on topics that include:

  • Formal training in recycling management and fiber quality
  • Formal pulp and paper mill operation training
  • How to drive costs saving across the mill (identify the right enablers, e.g., KPIs and real focus)
  • How to ensure value creation by investing in capital investment with a solid and profitable business case

We look forward to working with you.