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Industry Support & Promotion

  Harry Watt Past Project Websites

  • Past US Forest Service Harry Watt Project Websites – The US Forest Service Website has funded six wood products support projects that have supporting websites. These websites contain publications, handouts, and the slideshows from supporting seminars and workshops.

University and Government Organizations That Support Wood Products Education

  • Wood Education and Resource Center – Princeton, West Virginia-a unit of the US Forest Service that provides educational opportunities and supports grant projects in marketing of wood products and development of biomass energy. Several universities support the wood products industry through its Extension Service programs. Listed below are several wood products specialist who serve the wood products industry in the US:
  • North Carolina State University Wood Products Extension – Harry Watt, 704-880-5034, Phil Mitchell, 915-515-5581
  • University of Kentucky Wood Products Extension  – F. Carol Fackler, 606-666-2438, Bobby Ammerman, 606-666-2438, Terry Conners, 859-619-9018
  • State of University of New York, Forestry School, Syracuse NY – William B. Smith, 315-470-6832
  • Virginia Tech University – Urs Buelhmann, 540-231-9739
  • Penn State University – Chuck Ray
  • University of Tennessee Wood Products Extension – Brian Bond, 865-946-1121
  • West Virginia University  – Shawn Grushecky, Appalachian Hardwood Center, 304-293-9417
  • Cabinetmaker/FDM Magazine – Print and online versions that support value added wood products manufacturing
  • Catawba Valley Community College – D.L. Turbyfill, 828-327-7000
  • – an international website that offers business support for forestry and wood products operations
  • Forest Business Network – A North American website that offers business support for forestry and wood products operations
  • Independent Sawmill and Woodlot Magazine – Offers a print and online edition magazine that supports small sawmill operators and woodlot owners

 Non-Profits Supporting Forestry and Wood Products