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Wood Products Publications

One can find over a hundred publications from past projects at Harry Watt’s common web page at There are five links to past US Forest Service projects that generated support publications in the form of written reports, advisory notes, slide shows and videos.  Additional documents and slide shows are available on the Home page as downloads from past workshops given by the Wood Products Extension Department.

Publications include:

  • Business Strategies for Craft Wildlife Wood Products Businesses-a short publication that discusses business strategy for a small shop focusing on producting and marketing wildlife habitat wood products.
  • 1970’s Sperry and Hutchinson Company Dry Kiln Operators Manual-this publication was developed by the S & H Research Division as a training publication for new and experienced dry kiln operators.  It taught basic principles of wood drying as well as the proper operation of a lumber dry kiln.  Additionally there is a checklist for operators to review their equipment and operations as well as a troubleshooing guide.  It is a shorter version of the US Forest Service’s Dry Kiln Operators Manual that can be found on the US Forest Service Publications website.