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NC State University Wood Products Extension has a group of professionals that are the staff that is the outreach effort that promotes wood products in North Carolina. The staff includes Phil Mitchell, Harry Watt and Frederik Laleicke.

Projects that NCSU Wood Products Extension include outreach efforts for sawmills, lumber drying, manufacturing for cabinets, furniture, millwork, firewood, veneer and plywood.

Wood Products Extension Department supports the wide variety of wood products businesses in North Carolina and assisting the Cooperative Extension network of county offices that serve the people of North Carolina.

WPE Priorities

  • Assist NC wood products businesses to grow sales and profitability
  • Assist NC wood products businesses to develop new products and and new markets
  • Assist NC wood products businesses to improve competitiveness
  • Assist employees of NC wood products businesses in wood knowledge and wood business skills


Harry Watt
Business Improvement Specialist
North Carolina State University
Wood Products Extension
Phone: 704-880-3067