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Small Sawmill Workshop-Wood Education and Resource Center, Princeton, WV, Thursday, June 2nd, 2016, 9am to 4pm

This event is sponsored by the Wood Education and Resource Center of Princeton, WV and focuses on how a small sawmill business makes money. We invite top professionals to discuss these topics-latest information on small sawmill equipment-sawmills, edgers, resaws, etc., traditional dry kilns, solar dry kilns, sourcing logs, etc. We also have demos outdoors where we will saw several logs. Outside we also will discuss log and lumber grading.

Online Registration at There is a small charge at Evenbrite to register online.

Registration by mail is $30 before May 23rd and $40 after May 23rd by check made out to SEDKC. Mail registrations to Harry Watt, 120 Beckham Road, Statesville, NC 28625.

Download the pdf brochure for the Small Sawmill Workshop.

Take this link to review the highlights-photos and slide shows-from the 2016 Small Sawmill Workshop.

SAF Forestry Education Credits = 5.00 Total (Category 1 CF = 3.5, Category 2 = 1.50).

3-Southeastern Dry Kiln Club Meeting-April 21st and 22nd, Hickory, NC-this is the professional organization of dry kiln operators in the Southeast US, contact Phil Mitchell at NCSU Wood Products Extension, email at, phone at 919-515-5581.

4-Hardwood Lumber Drying Workshop-Raleigh, NC-June 14th to 16th, a short course that teaches the basics of grading hardwood lumber according to the National Hardwood Lumber Association grading rules, contact Phil Mitchell at and phone at 919-515-5581.