The Team


Dr. Ronalds Gonzalez


Dr. Ronalds Gonzalez is an Associate Professor of Conversion Economics & Sustainability at NC State University. His work focuses on developing tools and knowledge to create value in both the bio- and circular economy. He has been recognized by the Brazilian Association of Pulp & Paper Technologists and granted the NC State University Faculty Scholar distinction as well as the Chancellor Innovation Award for his innovative contributions to the industry and academia. He has authored over 100 publications found in high-impact factor scientific journals and recognized trade magazines. He mentors an on-campus research group, identifying talent and inspiring innovative and high-impact projects. Read full bio.

Dr. Hasan Jameel


Dr. Hasan Jameel is a Jordan Family Distinguished Professor for Natural Resource Innovation with a focus on pulp and paper unit processes and pulping process analysis. As a member of the faculty in the Department of Forest Biomaterials since 1987, Jameel has received numerous honors recognizing his teaching, mentoring, and scholarship. Read full bio.


More than 200 years of combined expertise in the conversion of lignocellulosic materials.

Dr. Hou-min Chang
Lignocellulosic chemistry

Dr. Richard Phillips
Process economics

Dr. Med Byrd
Nonwood pulping

Dr. Richard Venditti
Sustainable fibers

Dr. Ericka Ford
Sustainable textile fibers

Dr. Melissa Pasquinelli
Textile molecular modeling

Dr. Lokendra Pal
Refining & creping

Dr. Ilona Peszlen
Fiber morphology

Dr. Joel Pawlak
Fibers and paper physics


Dr. Steve Kelley

Doctoral students

A multicultural team with experience in different disciplines.

Jacob Zwilling
Valorization of lignocellulosic material

Amelys Brito
Sustainability of paper products

Ivana Azuaje
Life cycle analysis

Keren Vivas
Consumer perception

Rajnish Kumar
Nonwood pulping & bleaching

Alonzo Pifano
Nonwood processing economics

Ryen Frazier
Characterization of cellulosic products

Ramon Vera
Upcycling of lignocellulosic waste

Naycari Forfora
Life cycle analysis and waste textile upcycling