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Global Debate on LCA Allocation Methods for Recycled Fibers

On September 3rd, 2024, NC State will host a global discussion to screen allocation methods - Online


September 3rd 9 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Eastern time

The webinar

The allocation of environmental impacts in recycled systems is a topic that remains at the forefront of discussions in the field of life cycle assessment (LCA). Right now, there are more than 14 different ways, including both official ISO methods and unofficial ones, used to assign environmental impacts to recycled fibers. This leads to different conclusions and interpretations of the data. Working together, NC State University and The University of British Columbia invite scientists worldwide to discuss and agree on a single method to use.

Streamlining the allocation process will eliminate the time-intensive debates over method selection, fostering a more objective and comparably analytical environment. A consensus-driven approach promises to refocus efforts on evaluating and enhancing production systems for reduced carbon footprints, thus amplifying our collective fight against climate change.

Our Focus

This webinar seeks to unify global scientific and engineering communities on a consensus-based allocation method for the environmental impacts of recycled fibers (with a focus on packaging). This discussion will not delve into the sustainability comparison between virgin and recycled fibers, but rather, it aims to harmonize methodologies based on robust scientific and engineering principles

Organizing Committee

Relevance to the different sectors

Academia: By agreeing on a standard allocation method, the academic community can shift focus from methodological discrepancies to devising strategies for significant emission reductions. As part of this webinar, SAFI at North Carolina State University has conducted a comprehensive study to compare current allocation methods, selecting those grounded in engineering principles. To access this study, please contact Prof. Ronalds W. Gonzalez at

Industry: This webinar aims to establish a clear consensus on which allocation method to use when assessing the environmental emissions of recycled fibers used in packaging. By pinpointing the most effective methodology enables industry leaders to make more informed decisions, guiding strategic moves toward minimizing environmental footprints. This webinar is a step towards clarity and action in environmental stewardship within the packaging sector.

Join Us! Be part of this pivotal discussion to standardize the approach towards a sustainable future. Together, we can make strides in our collective effort to mitigate climate change



The webinar will be online (zoom); please complete your free registration at this link. If you are interested in speaking at the event, please contact Prof. Ronalds Gonzalez at