Two new courses coming this Spring 2019!


The College of Natural Resources (CNR) is offering 100% online graduate-level courses on renewable energy development. Taken together, these courses provide students and professionals the opportunity to develop recognized academic and industry credentials in the renewable energy industry by covering the technical, policy and financial aspects of renewable energy project development. This interdisciplinary approach allows individuals to gain a comprehensive understanding of renewables and be able to better incorporate their professional experience and expertise in the industry.

Currently, students not enrolled in a degree program at NCSU may be able to avail of these courses as a Non-Degree Studies (NDS) student. CNR is in the process of creating a 12-credit Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy Development that will include these four courses. Individuals who already have a bachelor’s or master’s degree and want to update their skills or those who want to broaden their knowledge in the field may be interested in the Certificate Program.

Note: The courses offered here are part of the Master in Environmental Assessment. Individuals who are thinking of completing a master’s degree program but are not yet enrolled as a student may take these courses and, if qualified, may transfer these credits to a master’s degree.


APPLY NOW as an NDS Student.