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Technology Requirements

The Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy Assessment and Development will be using Moodle as its Learning Management System. It is asynchronous, with a possible one or two synchronous meetings a semester if schedules permit. Video lectures are pre-recorded and can be streamed or downloaded.

At NC State University, Online and Distance Education courses are offered and supported using various delivery formats. Some courses utilize more than one delivery format. The majority of courses are delivered via technologies such as the internet, DVD, or webcasting. Students with access to the appropriate technology (including the internet or a DVD player) may access these courses from their homes or other locations. Such courses make use of asynchronous scheduling, which means that students do not have to access them at a specified time. Occasionally a course may require visits to campus (or a remote location) for assignments or exams.

Courses in the Certificate program are delivered via the internet as web-based courses. Courses will provide content through an online Learning Management system such as Moodle or Blackboard Collaborate. Students will interact with the faculty through email, online discussion groups, and chat and video conferencing sessions. Additional technology requirements can be found on the Online and Distance Education website.

It is a good idea to go to ensure your computer meets the necessary requirements to view courses in Blackboard. On the same computer that you will use to participate, visit the Blackboard Collaborate page in the NC State DELTA Knowledge Base. This page has links to computer requirements you will need, a link to configure your computer correctly, and links to online tutorials.

If at all possible, students should purchase a headset with mic that plugs into your computer (USB). You can pick up a basic headset for about $15 at an electronics store. Using the speakers and microphone built into your computer speakers causes an echo in the audio that is quite distracting when you participate in group chats.