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Welcome to the Molecular Tree Breeding Lab Website at NC State University

Exploring the Molecular Tree World

The Molecular Tree Breeding lab is a research laboratory in the central campus at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, U.S. The long-term goal of our research is to understand how genetic information is encoded in trees and how it controls relevant environmental and economic traits. We explore this fundamental issue by combining physiological and molecular data including phenotypic measurements in the field, RNA-seq and Genotyping by Sequencing (GBS) data analysis, and the improvement/development of molecular laboratory protocols. Through these studies we aim to develop different strategies and tools for farmers that not only improve the quality of their products but also allow the conservation of native forests by increasing their environmental plasticity and adaptability.

Our Research Includes:

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Genomics-based technologies in forest tree breeding

Phytophthora Resistance

Exploring the Potential of Somatic Embryogenesis in Firs

Seed Chalcid Infestation Patterns on Fraser Fir

Histological Characterization of Fraser Fir Needle Abscission Zones

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