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General Bioeconomy Resources

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Online Lab Simulations and Activities

  • List of online labs/simulations – 100+ labs/simulations for a range of subjects
  • Labster is offering free access to their simulations during COVID. Please contact us to obtain access. We recommend the following simulations: Fermentation, Biofuels and Pigment Extraction, Carbohydrates Lab, Synthetic Biology, Enzyme Kinetics, Stoichiometric Calculations, and Experimental Design.
  • PhET Simulations from University of Colorado are a long-time favorite and free. The ones in HTML5 work well as computer applications. Each one comes with a teacher guide. We recommend the following simulations: Energy forms and changes, pH scale, pH basics, Balancing Chemical Equations.
  • Biofuels Games from the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga, TN guides students to explore various fuel sources available in different regions in the United States. We recommend their Roadtrip Challenge Game app.

Teacher Professional Development Resources



Scholarships and Competitions