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Program Goal

The long-term goal of this project is to develop the skills of diverse undergraduate college students and rural science high school teachers in order to advance the future of America’s bioeconomy.

Program Objectives

  1. Develop five online college courses critical for the bioproducts and bioenergy industries.
  2. Create a certificate program including distance courses that will enable diverse undergraduate students to become career ready for the bioproducts and bioenergy industry.
  3. Develop an internship and career opportunity network by initiating connections for undergraduate students to industry, government, and research organizations.
  4. Create a certificate program that includes distance classes and hands-on workshops for rural science high school teachers in bioproducts and bioenergy.
  5. Promote the use of bioproducts and bioenergy lesson activities in rural, underrepresented student high school science classes.

Program Details for Participants

Educational Research

SBBP participants have been invited to participate in a mixed methods educational research study with approval from North Carolina State University’s Institutional Review Board (IRB). Please contact Co-PI Dr. Meg Blanchard ( with any questions.