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Lab Activities

Labs with Demonstration Videos:

Soap-Making Lab

Wastewater Treatment Lab

Paper Recycling Lab

Packing Peanuts Lab

Additional Lab Activities:

Pineapple Biorefinery Lab

Biopolymer Lab

Climate Change Lab

Microplastics: Detecting particles in cleansers, sediment, and water

Biofuels/Bioplastics Lab (Enzymatic Digestion of Starch by Amylase)

Photosynthesis/Algae Lab

Yeast Bioreactor Lab

Assessing Biomass Availability with Big Data Analytics

Recycling, Carbon Footprint, and Earth Day Activities

(Developed by SBBP Teacher, Sanjana Sharma)

Designing the Greener Shoe (Life Cycle Assessment – LCA)

Sankey Energy Diagram Lesson

Marine Plastic Case Study (Scientific Argumentation)

Bioeconomy & STEM Career Exploration

Additional Lab/Activity Resources