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Industry Partners

Industry Partners

We continue to develop new and existing relationships with over 40 industry partners around the country. During Summer 2019, the SBBP undergraduate students interned with 10 of our industry partners (see image), contributing to valuable projects and research related to algae, biorefining, biofuels, enzymes, wood products, and paper products. These internships provided students with an authentic, challenging work experience with leaders in the Bioproducts/Bioenergy industry and promote career readiness in the field.

Internship Spotlight

In Amy’s words:

I am most excited about traveling to a new place that holds great learning potential for the production of biomass. I can’t wait to be a part of a product that will be used in homes that sustains the planet at the same time. I will feel a great deal of satisfaction knowing I am minimizing my and many others’ carbon footprints.

Being able to interview with over five companies in a few weeks allowed me to become very comfortable in the interviewing process. I learned that I am more than ready to start working in a professional field. I became more confident talking about myself and my accomplishments to superiors.

In Kito’s words:

I am most excited to get hands on experience in a sector of the bioeconomy. It may be an internship but I feel it is still a valuable contribution to promoting renewable standards in the US. I’m also excited about the chance to work with like-minded peers and gain a taste for what future work I’ll potentially be doing after graduation.

In Tyler’s words:

I have a passionate interest in clinical research as well as environmental science and one day plan on being involved in both fields, likely in bio-pharmaceuticals. 

I will be conducting research with coccolithophore algae. Coccolithophores have the unique ability to remove carbon from the environment and store the carbon in the form of calcium carbonate while also producing valuable bioproducts. I find working with algae incredibly interesting, especially considering the potential scalability of algal biofuels.