ASTM wood mechanical properties

We do many of the ASTM mechanical properties tests for wood and wood composites.  The lab is equipped with 3 electromenhanical test frames (MTS Alliance 60kLbf, MTS Insight 8kLbf and Tinius Olsen 30kLbf) with computer control and data acquisition, and a Metriguard tensile tester for full size dimension lumber.

Some of the typical tests include:

ASTM D143 – Small Clear Specimens of Timber –
Static Bending
Compression parallel
Compression perpendicular
Shear parallel
Tension parallel
Tension perpendicular
Nail withdrawal
Moisture content & specific gravity
ASTM D1037 – Properties of Wood-based Fiber and Particle Panel Materials
Static bending
Internal bond
Nail & Screw withdrawal
Tension parallel
ASTM D1761 – Mechanical Fasteners in Wood
ASTM D198 – Static Tests of Lumber in Structural Sizes – flexure
ASTM D3043 – Structural Panels in Flexure
ASTM D3500 – Structural Panels in Tension
ASTM D6551 – Surface Bond Strength of Wood-Base Fiber and Particle Panel Materials