Tissue Pack Innovation Lab acquires state-of-the-art crepe simulator

Kemira Group recently donated a pilot-scale Tissue Crepe Simulator (CS) unit to the Tissue Pack Innovation Lab – For more information visit the press release by Kemira Group. The addition of the CS to the TPIL’s state-of-the-art equipment represents a significant milestone for the group.

With this new acquired capability, creped handsheets produced in the lab can almost 100% mimic the features of commercial products. Softness, which is barely developed in handsheets, is a great attribute that highlights the potential of the CS for tissue research. After creping, handsheets made with a combination of Eucalyptus and Northen Bleached Softwood Kraft display TSA softness values that are within 2% of consumer tissue. This opens a wide door of opportunities for future research. Right now the effect on creping quality of variables such as wet-end chemistry and creping chemistry can be easily assessed at lab scale. Also, the response to the creping process of non-wood and alternative fibers incorporated to the tissue furnish can be rapidly evaluated with the new creping unit.