Program Details for Undergraduate Students

Program Information

Through funding from the USDA, this course series will provide a diverse group of college students with the knowledge and interdisciplinary tools necessary to advance America’s bioeconomy using plant-based and renewable bioproducts. This program provides participants with paid tuition for 3 online science courses (9 transferable credits) and a paid summer internship. Visit our profile page to meet the SBBP undergraduate students.






Online Courses

  • Fall 2018: The Sustainable Bioeconomy
  • Spring 2019: Biomass Conversion Processes to Create Sustainable Products
  • Fall 2019 (choose one): Life Cycle Assessment, or Strategic Financial Analysis for the Bioeconomy


Summer Internship

Students will work with an industry partner for an internship in Summer 2019. These internships will provide students with an authentic, challenging work experience with leaders in the bioproducts industry and promote career readiness in the field. Learn more about our industry partners and summer internships here.


NCSU Undergraduate Research Symposium

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in the NCSU Undergraduate Research Symposium, allowing them to share about their experiences to academic and professional communities.