Lab Activities

Soap-Making 101



 Wastewater Treatment




Make Your Own Sustainable Packing Peanuts



Paper Recycling Lab (Deinking Recycled Paper via Flotation)




Additional Lab Activities:

Pineapple Biorefinery Lab




Biopolymer Lab



Climate Change Lab




Biofuels/Bioplastics Lab (Enzymatic Digestion of Starch by Amylase)





Photosynthesis/Algae Lab




Yeast Bioreactor Lab






Recycling, Carbon Footprint, and Earth Day Activities

(Developed by SBBP Teacher, Sanjana Sharma)




Designing the Greener Shoe (Life Cycle Assessment – LCA)


Sankey Energy Diagram Lesson




Marine Plastic Case Study (Scientific Argumentation)


Bioeconomy & STEM Career Exploration


Additional Lab/Activity Resources