In many ways, being a student online is the same as being a student on campus. You’ll listen to lectures. You’ll take notes. You’ll ask questions. You’ll write papers, do homework and take exams. The difference is that you can do it all whenever the time is right for you — whether that’s during your lunch break, after work or in the evening before you go to bed.

NC State Renewable Energy Assessment online courses are the same for all students, whether you’re full-time and on campus or part-time and learning from home. A suite of online tools help you manage your assignments, allow you to collaborate with your fellow students and interact with your instructor.

If you’ve never taken an online course before, no worries! Once you have your Unity ID and password, you can log into WolfWare to view the courses for which you are enrolled. Each class will have its own Moodle site that you can use to view course syllabi and find other relevant information.

Here are a few resources that will give you an idea of what using Wolfware and Moodle will be like: