Elephants On The Line

Elephants on the Line: A Community-based Conservation Program
 Elephants lined up in tea garden JKD
The North East India and Bhutan border area is a landscape of forests and grasslands, and with each passing year, expanded human development.   This area is home to the endangered Asian elephant.
The region that encompasses this landscape provides refuge to a sizeable population of elephants, about 40% of the entire Indian and nearly 10% of the world population.  However, the elephants are under a great number of threats due to expanding human population, agriculture, clearance for human settlements, logging, and construction of roads and railways.  In order to address the major problems associated with these issues and build local capacity to address these issues for the long term, NCSU and partners in India and Bhutan have begun to work together towards common goals.  
Our primary focus is to reduce HEC (human-elephant conflict) and loss of elephant and human life, while improving habitat and development planning to support conservation of elephant populations.  Education, capacity building, and community involvement are our key activities. 


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