Research and Technology

  • Design cost-efficient SNP arrays for different applications in tree breeding. For example, low-density SNP arrays for fingerprinting, genomic relationships and genomic BLUP. The arrays will be accessible by the Members at a reduced price.
  • NC State BuildingCarry out gene discovery and genetic mapping for disease/pest resistance, abiotic stress and other important traits in trees.
  • Develop assays for mapped genes to screen for traits of importance and make selection to improve disease/pest resistance and abiotic stress tolerance.  If available, full members will have priority accessing assays and tools.
  • Develop platforms for hybrids to trace haplotypes contributed by maternal and paternal parents and associate the haplotypes with the traits of interests.
  • Develop CRISPR technologies for safe and precise engineering of forest trees species. Assemble CRISPR transformation constructs for target genes in different tree species.
  • Design and validate CRISPR guide RNAs (gRNAs) for target gene mutagenesis using in vitro CRISPR-RNP cleavage assay.