Membership and Benefits

Associate Members

  1. Attend confidential presentations on new research initiatives.
  2. Access to ATGC scientists and associates to discuss technical issues.
  3. Attend workshops, training seminars, and research symposia organized by ATGC at reduced rates.
  4. Receive internal publications of ATGC.
  5. Access to preferential ATGC pricing on DNA extraction,  fingerprinting, and genotyping platforms as available.


Full Members (in addition to the above benefits)

  1. Access to preferential ATGC pricing on genome-editing platforms (e.g., CRISPR) and biochemical assays as available.
  2. Eligible to propose core and special research projects, and vote on research priorities.
  3. Participation in the Advisory Board with voting rights.
  4. Preferential access to IP generated by ATGC projects
  5. Consultancy: Up to 40 hours of remote consultancy by ATGC staff, including the following services (Review of genetic/genomic data analysis protocols and member’s research and development programs).
    • A comprehensive review of tree breeding/genomic selection programs of members. Make specific recommendations to improve the planning and implementation of genomic selection to increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of operations.
    • A comprehensive review of data analysis protocols for genetic/genomic data analyses. The consultancy for the review of internal experimental designs, data analysis, and breeding programs.
    • Organize workshops to train member researchers and breeders for various technical skills (e.g. genomic/genetic data analysis). Members will attend the workshops and conferences organized by ATGC at a reduced price.
    • Consultancy of genome-editing (CRISPR) services to members’ biotechnology program and its applications.