The Advanced Tree Genomics Consortium (ATGC) at NC State University was established on November 22, 2019.


Develop innovative genomic and genome-editing technologies to enhance forest productivity and forest health.

The Goal:

Create a platform that promotes innovation, impact, and real-world solutions for members.

Information: Why ATGC?

  • Advancements in high-throughput sequencing, genotyping, and genome-editing technologies have started the next green revolution in animal and plant breeding.
  • Genomic applications in breeding require extensive expertise in genetics, genomics, biochemistry, tissue culture, and computing. Hiring experts in the above fields is prohibitively expensive for many organizations.
  • ATGC can play a pivotal role to help forest companies access the latest technology and research to facilitate their breeding programs.
  • ATGC will implement advanced product/process-oriented projects to generate an intellectual property that is available by the members.
  • ATGC will develop workshops to train professionals so that they can apply the genomics/computing tools in their breeding programs.