AIX -- Annual Information Exchange

Statistical Report of State Park Operations

The NCSU AIX Project Team

PI: Dr. Yu-Fai Leung; Co-PI: Dr. Jordan Smith; Project Assistant: Ms. Anna Miller


Current Survey (Data Reporting Period -- July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015)

The National Association of State Park Directors (NASPD) Annual Information Exchange (AIX) survey, hosted by North Carolina State University, gathers information about inventory, facilities, visitation, expenses, financing and personnel for all state park units in the USA.  Please click the AIX Survey link below to enter this year's survey website.  Your username and password are required for access. Thank you for your participation in this year's survey. 

Access the AIX Survey Here (have your username and password ready)  [ Current Survey Ends Wednesday, November 4, 2015 ]


* Important: If you have persistent difficulty accessing the survey website, it may be due to a port accessibility issue in your computer network. Please read this instruction for details and solutions.



AIX Reports, Further Analyses and Other Outputs

  • AIX Reports and Data Sets
    • AIX reports (PDF) and data sets (Excel) from the current and past years are available at no charge to all AIX liaisons. They are also available for other users at no or a modest charge depending on the user type. Please contact the Project PI, Dr. Yu-Fai Leung ( for details
    • The AIX 2012-13 Report (PDF document and accompanying Excel data) was delivered to all state liaisons on April 3, 2014. The hard copies will be distributed in April 2014
    • Corrections on the AIX 2011-12 Report
    • AIX Report (2008-09 Data) [Sample]
  • AIX Outlook Letters [further analyses based on AIX data from multiple years; developed by Project co-PI Dr. Jordan Smith ( since July 2013, and Dr. Chris Siderelis prior to June 2013]
  • A Classification Scheme for State Park Systems (May 2012) (by Dr. Chris Siderelis)
  • Peer-reviewed Journal Articles (contact Project PI or co-PI for the full text)
    • Smith, J. W., Leung, Y.-F., Seekamp, E., Walden-Schreiner, C., & Miller, A. (2015). Projected impacts to the production of outdoor recreation opportunities across state park systems in the U.S. due to the adoption of a domestic climate change mitigation policy. Environmental Science and Policy, 48, 77-88. [Abstract]
    • Siderelis, C., & Smith, J. W. (2013). Ecological settings and state economies as factor inputs in the provision of outdoor recreation. Environmental Management, 52(3), 699-711. [Abstract]
    • Siderelis, C., Moore, R. L., Leung, Y.-F., & Smith, J. W. (2012). A nationwide production analysis of state park attendance in the United States. Journal of Environmental Management, 99, 18-26. [Abstract]
  • Conference Presentations (contact Project PI for more information)
    • Leung, Y.-F., Smith, J. W., & Miller, A. (2014). U.S. State Parks Visitation Data from the NASPD Annual Information Exchange Project.Invited paper presented at the 2014 IUCN World Parks Congress; Sydney, NSW, Australia.
    • Miller, A. & Leung, Y.-F. (2013). The role of state parks in providing recreation opportunities: Visitation trends in difficult economic times. Poster presented at the 2013 George Wright Society Conference on Parks, Protected Areas, and Cultural Sites; Denver, CO.
    • Leung, Y.-F., Siderelis, C., Miller, A., & Walden-Schreiner, C. (2012). A long-term state park operations database for academic research: Examples and suggestions. Poster presented at the 34th Southeastern Recreation Research Conference; Auburn, AL. [PDF Copy]



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