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Completed-National Firewood Workshop-Thursday, May 7th, 2015

We enjoyed a successful National Firewood Workshop in the town of Voorheesville, NY near Albany at the Albany County Cooperative Extension Facility.  We attracted approximately 120 attendees that include current and prospective firewood business owners and managers, equipment vendors, broker buyers, The workshop was both an educational and networking event that focused on how a business makes money in the firewood industry.  Our speakers included Eric Carson of the Empire State Forest Products Association, Walter A. of Sawmill Magazine, Paul Chaloux of the USDA APHIS, Geoff Friedman of Lost Coast Forest Products, Patrick Davis of CRD Metalworks, Marcus Steigerwaldt of MultiTek, Bill Smith of SUNY, and Niels Jorgesen of Kiln-Direct.  We enjoyed a great buffet lunch with ribs and fried chicken.

Outdoor demos were provided by Howard Boyden of OESCO, Tamara Zalar of Tajfun USA, Brandon O’Hara of Wood Beaver, and Ben Deschaine of Dyna.

Sponsors for the 2015 National Firewood Workshop included the Wood Education and Resource Center of Princeton, WV, the Wood Products Extension Department at North Carolina State University and Sawmill Magazine.

Great Buffet LunchFirewood Processor Demos OutdoorsClassroom Discussions on Firewood Businesses Issues on Making $ in the Firewood Industry