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Completed-3-D Training for the Upholstery Furniture Industry-Thursday, February 26th, 2016

We hosted a one day training session for upholstery frame designers, manufacturers and vendors at the Appalachain State Engineering Center in Hickory, NC.  This event was sponsored by TriMech that is the reseller of SolidWorks solid modeling software.  Ryan Zeck of TriMech located in Charlotte lead the classroom discussions where he offered new users an introduction to 3-D solid modeling for furniture frames.  He also lead the discussion on advanced drawing techniques for SolidWorks users.  The attendees also were treated to a hands on session using SolidWorks in the computer lab.  Clay Bolick and Eric Hill of Plataine covered the topic of how to use their nesting software to gain material yield improvement by nesting curved parts cut out of plywood and OSB panels.

Randy Burns of the Appalachian State University Engineering Center discussed on how one downloads design information to a CNC router to cut upholstery frame parts.  He also discussed how to manage tool paths and vacuum systems for reducing cycle times on cutting upholstery furniture frames.  Randy provided the site of the workshop and operated a CNC router machining a plywood panel into a upholstery furniture frame.

Attendees were treated to a great buffet lunch provided by TriMech. The training day was free for attendees and forty industry professionals enjoyed a day of education and networking. Kristina Hering of TriMech managed the workshop and provided the buffet lunch.  Trey, inside sales, and Shelly Crump of the Charlotte office, and Chris of the Charleston, SC office, also assisted.

Ryan Zeck of TriMech Discussing How to Use


3-D Solid Modeling Software to

Design Upholstery Furniture Frames

Ryan Zeck of TriMech Overseeing a Hands On Session


on workstations using SolidWorks Solid Modeling Software to Design Upholstery Furniture Frames

Ryan Zeck Assisting Attendees on How to Draw Upholstery Furniture Frames Using 3-D Solid Modeling Software