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Completed-National Upholery Furniture Frame Workshop

Conover, North Carolina, Thursday, November 9th, 2017

The Wood Education and Resource Center of Princeton, WV sponsored the National Upholstery Furniture Frame Workshop that was held at the Conover Station Building in downtown Conover, NC on Thursday, November 9th, 2017.  We had 102 persons who registered for the workshop that was a one day event that discussed the cutting edge of knowledge of how to successfull make wooden frames for upholstered furniture.

This year we followed a new format where the day was divided into twelve sessions with a single speaker who focused on one topic in depth.  Our speakers included-Matt Upton of Associated covered lumber markets, Bill Blackmon of Quis Machinery covered the use of CNC chopsaws to process ripped lumber strips, Eddy Sipe of GLH Plywood covered plywood markets, Donahue Bottoms of BlueLinx covered plywood and OSB panel pricing systems, Cindy Fulbright covered the latest news from the CVCC Furniture Academy training program in Hickory, Roy Bearden of Craftmaster Furniture covered the latest news from the Alexander County CVCC Furniture Academy training program in Taylorsville, Roy also covered the difference between rail and bench layouts for upholstery production, Daniel Hayes of Craftmaster Furniture covered the topic of how engineered labor rates are made for upholstery furniture, Ryan Zeck of TriMech covered the topic of 3-D Modeling software, Scott Feimster covered the topic of CNC router tooling, Ross Gobble of Diversified Equipment & Supply covered the topic of collet selection and maintenance, Tom Flowers of Anderson America covered the topic of spindle options for CNC routers, Jim Petrin of KOMO covered the topic of machinery controlers, TR Herzog covered the topic of the use of roller holddowns for panel routers, Lewis Mabon of Leggett & Platt covered the topic using spring assemblies for eight way tie downs, and Thomas Tuck covered the topic of CNC material handling systems for CNC panel routers.

Four of the speakers used PowerPoint presentations that are listed below for download in pdf form:

1-Tooling-Selecting Router Bits-Scott Feimster, LMT Onsrud

2-Collet Selection and Maintenance-Ross Gobble, Diversified Equipment & Supply

3-Options for CNC Router Controllers-Jim Petrin, KOMO

4-Steel Frame Suspension Assemblies-Lewis Mabon, Leggett & Platt

5-Time studies and rates, Daniel Hayes, Craftmaster