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Industry Professional Development Series: Charge Measurements & Papermaking

Training on Demand: Industry Professional Development Course Series

  • Available continuously.  Planned maintenance often during June 13th to July 9th each year.
  • Online Course
  • Registration Fee: $400

General Overview

This online course focuses on zeta potential, cationic demand, and the use of additives to adjust these quantities.  Eight streaming video sessions, each about 15-30 minutes long, present key topics, each followed by a 3-question multiple choice quiz for students to check their level of comprehension.  Subtopics include (a) the charged nature of fibers and white water, (b) zeta potential and its measurement, (c) cationic demand and its measurement, (d) streaming current endpoints, (e) dissolved and colloidal substances, (f) optimization of strength & drainage, etc., (g) control of charge, and (h) troubleshooting & product development.  A final quiz must be passed with 80% success (with multiple attempts allowed) to qualify for a certificate of completion of the course.  The course is highly recommended for anyone who has a professional role or personal interest in the paper making process.

Who Should Attend

The course is recommended for those having a professional role or personal interest in the papermaking process, including those with new responsibilities or assignments.

Workshop Materials

Participants will receive access to the lecture files via the internet to supplement the presentations made during the course. Students also will also receive access to eight streaming video sessions, each about 15 to 30 minutes long.


The registration fee is $400 for each course.  The registration fee cannot be refunded. Registrations can be done by online credit card payment only.

Any questions can be directed to James Todd (

General Information

Expenses for continuing education taken to maintain or improve professional skills may be tax deductible. Certain restrictions apply. Check with your accountant for details.

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