CAFS Overview

The Center for Advanced Forestry Systems (CAFS) is a National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (NSF I/UCRC) that bridges top forestry research programs with industry members to solve complex, industry-wide problems.

The mission of CAFS is to optimize genetic and cultural systems to produce high-quality raw forest materials for new and existing products by conducting collaborative research that transcends species, regions, and disciplinary boundaries.

CAFS is a multi-university center that works to solve problems through multi-faceted approaches and questions on multiple scales, including molecular, cellular, individual-tree, stand, and ecosystem levels. This effort relies on the participation of scientists with expertise in biological sciences (biotechnology, genomics, ecology, physiology, and soils) and management and processing (silviculture, bioinformatics, modeling, remote sensing, and spatial analysis). Visit our research areas section for descriptions of current projects.