Prescribed Burn Associations

A Prescribed Burn Association (PBA) is a group of landowners and other concerned citizens that form a partnership to conduct prescribed burns. Association members pool their knowledge, man-power and equipment to help other people in their association conduct prescribed burns.

More than 70 PBAs are now found in 12 states across the U.S., depicted on this map. Some states and individual PBAs even have their own websites, such as: North Carolina SandhillsKansasNebraskaTexasOklahoma, Illinois, California, and North Florida.

Numerous resources and opportunities are available regarding PBAs. Some of these have been compiled and are provided below.


Resources for Those in an Existing PBA:

Educational Opportunities

  • e-FIRE – An interactive video course designed for landowners and those new to prescribed fire to learn how to plan, conduct, and evaluate a burn.
  • Online courses – The online “Basic Prescribed Fire Training” and the “Introduction to Southeast Prescribed Fire” courses can be found at (search term: prescribed fire).
  • Certified Burner Courses – If your state provides a Certified Prescribed Burn Manager course, look for upcoming dates in your area!

Materials & Resources

  • A South Central Texas PBA member developed this small-scale demonstration method for reaching school children and 4-H members, but it could also be used to teach landowners who are new to burning.

Mobile Apps

  • GroupMe App (useful to connect with many people about the burn by only sending a single message)
  • RxBurn Tracker (helps you monitor the long-term effects of burning by storing basic information about a prescribed fire and take pre- and post-burn photos from exactly the same spot over time)
  • Smoke Management Pocket Guide (has 12 basic smoke management guidelines to keep in mind, and a fuel calculator to determine how much available fuel is in your burn unit)

Capture Your Burn Data

John Weir (Oklahoma PBA) is interested in collecting information on all prescribed burns being conducted around the country, especially those from PBAs. Take a few minutes and log your burn into the OPBA burn entry form, or on the OPBA website at under burn entry form.


Resources for Those Wanting to Form a PBA:

Fact Sheets



The NC Sandhills Prescribed Burn Association has their own YouTube Channel.





Ozark Prairie PBA – by Beaver Watershed Alliance on March 31, 2021




Powerpoint Presentations


Example By-Laws


Example Equipment List/ Sign-out Sheets


Sample Meeting Agendas


Template Agreements/MOUs


Example Newsletters



Template Burn Plans




Protocols & Miscellaneous




Articles and Publications about PBAs


Success Stories


News/Media Stories


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