Driptorch Digest

Starting in January 2016, The SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group began publishing the Driptorch Digest newsletter. Although the content is tailored to those participating in the Work Group, much of it may be of interest to others working in land management and collaborative restoration, particularly those utilizing prescribed fire within fire-adapted systems in the Southeast U.S.

The Driptorch Digest will report on recent projects of the SERPPAS Prescribed Fire Work Group and/or its member organizations; current relevant news stories; articles and online resources of interest; training, webinar, workshop and conference listings; and more. Many of the efforts showcased in the newsletter also help to achieve goals of the Cohesive National Wildland Fire Management Strategy.

To subscribe to the Driptorch Digest, you can click on “Subscribe” at the bottom of the newsletter. To receive the newsletter and any blog entries posted on the Southeast Prescribed Fire Update, you will need to enter your e-mail under “Subscribe To Our News” on the “About” page of this blog.

Recent editions are posted below. Enjoy!

Vol 37 October 2019

Vol 36 September 2019

Vol 35 August 2019

Vol 34 July 2019

Vol 33 June 2019

Vol 32 May 2019

Vol 31 April 2019

Vol 30 March 2019

Vol 29 February 2019

Vol 28 January 2019

Vol 27 December 2018

Vol 26 November 2018

Vol 25 October 2018

Vol 24 September 2018

Vol 23 August 2018

Vol 22 July 2018

Vol 21 June 2018

Vol 20 May 2018

Vol 19 April 2018

Vol 18 March 2018

Vol 17 February 2018

Vol 16 January 2018

Vol 15 December 2017

Vol 14 November 2017

Vol 13 October 2017

Vol 12 September 2017

Vol 11 August 2017

Vol 10 July 2017

Vol 9 May June 2017

Need access to older editions of the Driptorch Digest? Get in touch with us at jennifer_fawcett@ncsu.edu or lekays@ncsu.edu!