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Fire Chasers Project
Branda Nowell, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
School of Public and International Affairs
North Carolina State University 



Branda Nowell

Branda Nowell, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Michigan State University, is an
organizational-community psychologist specializing in inter-organizational
relationships, social networks, and community capacity for multi-agent
collaboration and coordination within complex problem domains.   She teaches
courses in organizational behavior, change management, organizational
theory, and program evaluation. As an interdisciplinary scholar, she
integrates community and organizational psychology with public management to
better understand community-based networks of public and nonprofit agencies
working in a common problem domain.   She currently co-leads a research team
( focused on advancing the science of adaptive capacity
toward more disaster resilient communities.  Since 2008, this team has
worked in collaboration with the US Forest Service on research aimed to
improve inter-agency coordination and communication during large scale
wildfire events.   Dr. Nowell’s research has received awards from both the
APA Society for Community Action and Research as well as the Academy of
Management Public and Nonprofit Division. Her published work appears in the
American Journal of Community Psychology, Journal of Public Administration
Research and Theory, Evaluation and Program Planning, and Conflict
Resolution Quarterly.