NC State
Fire Chasers Project
Anne-Lise K. Velez, Ph.D.
College of Architecture and Urban Studies & Honors College

Virginia Tech

Anne-Lise K. Velez

Anne-Lise Velez is a collegiate assistant professor in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies, and Honors College at Virginia Tech. She holds a PhD in Public Administration and a Master’s in Architecture from NC State. Her teaching, research, and engagement all focus on better understanding the ways in which people shape and are shaped by their environments – both physical and cultural – and the opportunities and improvements we can provide in both systems and processes through investigating these interactions. She focuses primarily on governance and decision-making in areas of human-environment interaction, particularly those that require multi-jurisdictional and cross-sector management. She remains an Adjust Professor at NC State and an active Fire Chaser. Dr. Velez’s research appears in Nonprofit Management and Leadership, Journal of Public and Nonprofit Affairs, Perspectives on Public Management and Governance, and American Review of Public Administration.