I am the coordinator for:   Undergraduate Minor in Renewable Energy Assessment and 
 Undergraduate Online Certificate in Renewable Energy Assessment.

I contribute to development and teaching for
Master’s of Environmental Assessment (Online Degree).
Graduate Courses for Renewable Energy Development .

My Courses.

Online. Environmental Monitoring and Analysis (EA 504). 3 hrs. Distance education, online graduate course as part of the online Master’s of Environmental Assessment. Offered every summer.

Environmental Monitoring and Analysis (ET 310).  3 hrs. Fundamental review of concepts and methods to design an environmental monitoring study. Offered every spring.

Past Courses.

Practice of Environmental Technology (ET 460). 2003-2019
3 hrs. 
Capstone undergraduate course for Environmental Technology. Offered every spring.

Environmental Forensics (ET 470). 3 hrs. 2005-2015
Student-driven investigations of contaminant source delineation at a specific field site.  Offered in Fall every other year. (2005-2015).

Assessment of Lands for Biomass and Bioenergy (ET 255). 3 hrs.  2012-2016
Online, team-taught course for Renewable Energy Assessment minor or certificate. Offered each spring (2013-2016).

Past Study Abroad.
Ecosystem Services in South Africa (NR 491/591) 2008-2009
Three week study abroad course in South Africa to evaluate services provided by managed forests, urban green spaces, and national parks.

IMAGINE: International Mentoring of Advanced Graduates for INterdisciplinary Excellence. May 2011, May 2012, June 2013.  Science that contributes to the health and well being of communities in need – Interdisciplinary Research Opportunities in South Africa, faculty participant, Please see Dr. Melissa McHale for graduate student opportunities at