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I am a Professor in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources and associate faculty with the NC State Toxicology Program.  I collaborate with diverse academic researchers as well as municipalities, state agencies, federal agencies, landowners, and NGOs.  My research projects interface across disciplines of forestry, short-rotation hardwood forestry, environmental chemistry, water quality, water quantity, contaminant remediation, environmental forensics, hydrology, and community engagement. My interests include the protection of surface waters and groundwater quality and their sustainable use, ensuring forest landscapes for the future, and supporting diversity and inclusion in forestry, environmental technology, and toxicology. I am interested to collaborate at the intersections of forest systems and water quality and quantity. Recent and current research focuses on short-rotation hardwood forestry, organic contaminant forecasting for groundwater and surface water, sustainable water reuse for agriculture, managing excess water from catastrophic storms, and community engagement.


If you are interested in opportunities for undergraduate or graduate research, please check out prior graduate students and undergraduate researchers on this website as well as our research facebook and Instagram.  Contact me at egnichol@ncsu.edu.

Check out the 2021 Short Rotation Forestry Handbook by Ghezehei, Hazel, Bowen, and Nichols