Nov 22, 2019

Behind the Scenes: One Powerade Bottle at a Time

Hayden Hartman is a Sport Management and Human Biology student who gets to work as a student athletic trainer. Her job has allowed her to gain professional opportunities, but has also provided her with close friends and mentors.

Nov 8, 2018

Preparing for a Ride on the Wild Side

Theodore Combos, a Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management major with a concentration in Natural Resources, utilized the Enrichment Fund to obtain his Wilderness First Aid certification. This certificate will help set him apart while looking for jobs, and better prepares him for a future career in adventure recreation.

Sep 3, 2018

Bamboo Workshops in Ecuador

Sustainable Materials and Technology major Max Craft traveled to Ecuador to learn about the sustainability of bamboo, and its strengths as a building material. He was able to apply what he learned in the classroom by building a shelter that members of the community are able to utilize.

Sep 1, 2018

Getting Hurt in the Wild

Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology major Dylan Wingler participated in a 3-day course to receive his Wilderness First Aid Certification. He was able to use the skills he had learned when a fellow coworker fell and injured his knee on the job.

Aug 21, 2018

How I Became a Wilderness First Responder

Jesse Cox is a senior majoring in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management with a concentration in Parks and Natural Resource Recreation. He used his Spring Break to complete the Wilderness First Responder course, which he plans to utilize in a future career as either an Outdoor Recreation Trip Leader or Park Ranger.

Apr 19, 2018

Producing a Documentary as an Undergraduate Student

Matthew Adkins, a senior in Environmental Science, produced a documentary on permafrost in North Carolina. Read about his experience and the different people interviewed.

Nathan Honeycutt
Mar 22, 2018

What Does a Green Belt Have to do With Statistics?

Nathan Honeycutt, a senior in Sustainable Materials and Technology, pursued an online education course in Lean Six Sigma. The class focused on statistical approaches to eliminating errors and minimizing variances within a manufacturing process. Read how he plans to use the certification to help him in his career pursuits.