Project and Blog Sites – College of Natural Resources



Welcome to the BlogsWordPress instance for the College of Natural Resources.  Here we host blog and project website with regularly updated content outside the primary CNR web presence (http://cnr.ncsu.edu/.)  The sites we build and host are for academic areas and research groups who want an NC State on-brand site that is generally less than 15 pages, has no special features, and is simple to build.  An example of a blogs site that Student News blog or Biomass site.

If you are a faculty or staff member within CNR and would like to have a new site in our WordPress site on http://cnr.ncsu.edu/blogs/, please contact us at cnr_help@ncsu.edu with:

  • The name of your new site
  • A list of those to whom you’d like to grant administrative access
  • A short description of the program or purpose the site will be used for

We will respond to your requests as quickly as possible and provide preliminary training materials on if this web area is a fit for your project or need.